Skinny Chicken Bacon and Pesto Lasagna Roll-Ups. These taste much more naughty than they actually are and are a total crowd pleaser every time I make them!

Skinny Chicken Bacon and Pesto Lasagna Roll Ups

Ok guys, are you ready for this? I've been itching to make some lasagna roll ups for FOREVER but just haven't gotten around to doing it until now.  It just so happens that on the same day I wanted to make them I also had a mad craving for bacon. SO I figured out a way to throw some bacon into the mix and these bad boys were born. I have absolutely nothing against luxuriously fattening cream sauces and wish the heart disease gods would take it off the naughty list so I could have a bowl of alfredo every afternoon for lunch. But alas, they haven't listened to my pleadings. Likewise, the love handle gods aren't cooperating either so I decided to make this as skinny as possible without sacrificing flavor. The results were so good that I couldn't wait to share it with you any ... read more


This sauce is awesome on steaks and chicken. Used as a marinade or for dipping, it makes everything taste fresh, bright and like it just came from the garden. A must make!

Fresh Chimmichurri Sauce

Well good Friday to ya! It's not actually Good Friday, but it is a good day so I think that counts. The sun is shining, we're headed to the beach tomorrow and I have a big bowl of this chimmichuri waiting for me in the fridge. LIFE IS GOOOOOOD. Ever had chimmichurri? It's a sauce that ... read more

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