Classic Slow Cooker Pot Roast |

Classic Slow Cooker Pot Roast

We are in the middle of moving this week and I'm in serious need of some comfort food right now. Anybody want to make this for me and bring it my way? There's only so many more bowls of cereal and slices of pizza I can handle. I. NEED. MY. KITCHEN. BACK. I'm totally not complaining though. No. Me complain? I don't do that. At least I made this pot roast recently enough that I still have it tucked into my memory somewhere and know that one day, ONE DAY, I'll be able to get my cooking on again. This slow cooker pot roast is perfect for Sunday dinners and even weeknights because, as the name suggests, it's all done in the slow cooker so you can start it in the morning and basically forget about it until close to dinner time. My version takes just a little more effort than ... read more


Pepper Jack Stuffed Doritos Burgers |

Pepper Jack Stuffed Doritos Burgers

Let's start our Monday out right, shall we? Whaddaya say we crush up a bunch of nacho cheese doritos, mix them into burgers and stuff each one with a pile of pepper jack cheese that turns into a molten volcano of goodness? I think YES. I was listening to the radio the other day and one of the ... read more

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