7-UP Skillet Biscuits

By now it’s no secret that I am all about shortcuts in the kitchen. With a working student husband, my own part-time work and 2 wonderful/crazy little girls, days come and go where dinner doesn’t consist of more than a bowl cold cereal. So when I find a shortcut that will help me, say, have light and fluffy biscuits in the oven in 5 minutes, I’m all over it.

Dirty little kitchen secret time: I always keep a box of Bisquick in my pantry. This might seem a little weird coming from somebody that has a background in professional baking, but it’s true. And I’ll tell you another dirty secret – you’re favorite bakeries and restaurants use mixes all the time too!  And, I’m not ashamed to say that sometimes the results you get from baking with mixes rivals those made from scratch. Remember this cornbread? I may never make it from scratch again!

These biscuits are a deliciously glorified version of a basic Bisquick biscuit. Using sour cream, 7-UP, and a hot skillet makes them tender and slightly sweet with a irresistibly crisp, buttery bottom.

Start by combining 2 C of Bisquick with ½ C of sour cream. Toss it around and just let the sour cream incorporate itself within the mix. Stir in the 7-UP and mix lightly, just until combined and no dry spots remain.

7-UP Skillet Biscuits

Place a ¼ C of butter in the bottom of a heavy bottomed, oven-safe skillet and place into the oven until the butter is melted. Scoop the dough into even mounds and place into the hot buttered pan.

7-UP Skillet Biscuits

Bake at 450 for 12- 15 minutes until the tops are lightly golden.

7-UP Skillet Biscuits

7-UP Skillet Biscuits
Serves: 6 big biscuits
  • 2 C Bisquick baking mix
  • ½ C sour cream
  • ½ C 7-UP or lemon lime soda
  • ¼ C butter
  1. Preheat oven to 450
  2. Combine Bisquick and sour cream and lightly mix until the sour cream is distributed through out the mix, but does not form into a dough.
  3. Add soda into the Bisquick mixture and stir lightly just until no dry spots remain.
  4. Place butter in a heavy-bottomed, oven-safe skillet and place in oven until the butter is melted.
  5. Remove hot skillet from oven and place mounds of dough on top of the melted butter.
  6. Return to oven and bake for 12-15 minutes or until the tops are lightly golden.



  1. says

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with using mixes of any kind. My biggest concern about them, or other pre-packaged foods, are the ingredients. As long as there aren’t preservatives then it’s okay with me. This looks like a great recipe. I have never cooked with 7-Up. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. purplemidnight says

    FYI, Pioneer Baking Mix is less salty. My husband and I are trying to cut back on salt and we discovered this the hard way! I’m excited to try these! Saturday morning this WILL be a treat!

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