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Here are the Recipes for: Grains and Rice

Cheesey Sausage and Rice Skillet and GIVEAWAY!

When I was in my early teen years I remember going to a youth conference of some sort and having Hawaiian haystacks for the first time. All lined up in a row was rice, chicken gravy, cheese, olives, celery, cashews, pineapple, tomatoes, coconut and the all-important crunchy Chinese noodles. On first glance I wanted to  Continue Reading »

Cheesy Vegetable Quinoa Bake

Quinoa has been picking up a lot of speed lately in its popularity but I have a sneaking suspicion that some are still scared to try it. I mean, it does look a little alien once cooked and the germĀ unravels. But the truth is that it makes a great rice alternative and is an absolute  Continue Reading »

Cherry Cashew Turkey Dressing {Thanksgiving Blitz #2}

I rarely make dressing at any time of the year besides Thanksgiving. It’s not that I don’t like it, it just doesn’t occur to me. But really, how can a casserole of moist, buttery bread studded with vegetables not cross my mind when it’s dinner time? I don’t understand. It must have something to do  Continue Reading »

Asian Pear Fried Rice

    People often ask me what my favorite quick meals are and one dish that always makes the cut is fried rice. I love that I can take the left-over rice in my fridge and turn it into something hot, flavorful, and filling in under 10 minutes.

Quinoa Apple Salad

Do you feel like being healthy today? Does quinoa scare you? I admit, it does look a little alien if you look closely at it with the little tails and all, but don’t let it cause you stress. It’s just a seed. A small delicious seed that packs a huge nutritious punch. Think of it  Continue Reading »