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Here are the Recipes for: Greek

Grilled Chicken Tzatziki Salad

It’s salad season and I couldn’t be happier! I’m always up for a loaded salad and this bright Greek inspired one hits the spot perfectly when I need a hearty, healthy meal. I’ve got to keep my strength up these days, you know with all the packing and all. Though I’m pretty certain that I  Continue Reading »

Baked Feta with Olives and Tomatoes

Here’s a rule that I think should be a thing: Friends shouldn’t go to the Mediterranean without bringing all of their friends. I say this because I’ve spent the last 2 weeks following my cute friend Eliza’s Instagram feed as she has traveled and ate her way through Europe.  I’m now seriously aching for some  Continue Reading »

Greek Style Turkey Burgers

A few weeks back on “The Chew”, Daphne Oz made the most delicious-looking Turkish Burgers. In fact, Mario Batali confessed that it was the best thing that she’s ever made on the show. And since Mario and I are practically BFFs now (see picture below, I say this in a very non-stalker way, BTW, but  Continue Reading »