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Here are the Recipes for: Healthy Meals

Oven Baked Pesto Tilapia

I’ve taught a couple of classes to my church group on quick weeknight meals over the past few years. Slow-cooker and freezer meals somehow always make it into my class, but those take planning and preparation before hand. If you’re like me, you don’t have the motivation/freezer space to make 30 gagillion freezer meals and  Continue Reading »

Super Simple and Creamy Hummus

How do ya’ll feel about seeing Christmas decorations in the stores in October? I kind of hate it. First off all, seeing as I have yet to dig out the Halloween decorations on October 13th, I’m clearly not going to be exploring my options in twinkle lights and yard ornaments yet. Plus I don’t enjoy  Continue Reading »

Raspberry and Balsamic Broiled Tofu Salad & Giveaway

Over the summer, I took my daughter and her best friend out for a little “girl’s day” one afternoon. Going out to eat and seeing a movie in one afternoon is just about enough to make any 7-year-old’s heart explode with excitement and they had a blast, but for me, the conversations I listened to  Continue Reading »

Grains For Your Brain: Whole Wheat Banana Blueberry Bread & Giveaway!

  By now you probably know that I’m a major carb addict and I’m willing to bet that a good portion of you would gladly take your place beside me at a carb addict anonymous meeting. Bread is good stuff, right? But, the crazy thing is that it’s so often villainized in the guidelines of  Continue Reading »

BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad

Once upon a time I started this little blog and knew a whole lot about nothing on how to make food look good for pictures. This BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad is one of my favorites and it quickly made its way to my blog but the picture I posted of it has always left something  Continue Reading »