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Here are the Recipes for: Misc. Sweets

Sweet and Tangy Lemon Curd

Last week I got to dip my toes back in the cake decorating world for a few days as I made a handful of cakes for a church event. It’s probably been over a year since I last made any sort of decorated cake so it felt pretty good to break out the piping bags  Continue Reading »

How To Make: Chocolate Cups

So it’s February. Where did that come from? I mean I know where it came from, but for reals calendar?! I’ve been wanting to share these chocolate cups with you for a while now and I’m so excited to share them just before Valentines Day! They would make a seriously fun dessert after a romantic  Continue Reading »

Peppermint Bark Oreo Cookie Balls

Given everything that has gone down the past few months here in Cheneyville, I’m all about keeping the holidays simple this year. I LOVE Christmastime and am usually all about the goody plates and thoughtful gifts but it just hasn’t happened yet this year. And you know what? That’s OK! I’ve got a warm house,  Continue Reading »

How To Make: Homemade Vanilla Extract

So really, if I had all my little duckies in a row this post would have been up ┬álike 2 weeks ago. That would have given you plenty of time to run out and get the needed ingredients for this homemade vanilla extract to have it done to give as Christmas gifts in 2 month’s  Continue Reading »

Inside-Out Caramel Apple Sundaes

If you’ve seen this picture floating around Pinterest\Facebook that promises perfectly sliced caramel-filled apple wedges and have been tempted to make them– don’t do it! I’ll just save you a few hours in the kitchen and tell you now that it doesn’t work. The moisture from the apple actually melts the caramel which means that  Continue Reading »