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Sunday Sprinkles and Giveaway!

**I was compensated for this blog post by TREE TOP as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network but, like always, all thoughts are mine and come strictly from my crazy little brain.** Heeey-Ho Hee-ey Ho! It's Sunday and it's time for a little round-up or "sprinkling" of the things I've been doing, or in the case of the last few weeks, not doing.  Here we go... Keeping a newborn alive. Showering (this one is hit or miss) Catching up on Scandal. Aaaaaaand that about wraps it up! Welp, that was fun. Actually, the whole keeping-a-teeny-tiny-human-alive-for-six-weeks thing  is no small feat. I can barely keep a succulent alive so whenever my kids have birthdays I feel pretty proud of myself. Am I the only parent that does that? Aside from sustaining life, I have been keeping ... read more


Loaded French Dip Burger |

Loaded French Dip Burgers {Giveaway!}

Months ago I had grandiose plans of hosting summer gatherings in my new back yard, equipped with cutesy homemade citronella candles and platters of grilled fruits and homemade ice cream. Sounds pretty heavenly, right? That's what I thought. I'll let you come to your own conclusion on whether or ... read more

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