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Parmesan Lemon Chicken and Zucchini Saute

Way back when I was just a little Heather, maybe 10-ish, we moved into a house that had a big raised garden bed. My mom was so excited to plant her very first garden and did a great job, but planted like 6 zucchini plants. If you know anything about gardening, you know that we ate zucchini until we were green that summer. And ever since (believe it or not) I've been a huge zucchini fan. I actually blame my mother for my slight fried zucchini addiction because that same summer was when I got my first fix. I've never been the same. But the good news is that zucchini doesn't have to be dipped in beer batter, fried to golden crispy perfect and dunked in ranch dressing to be delicious! This saute uses just a handful of ingredients and is ready in under 30 minutes. It has just a light ... read more


Pepper Jack Stuffed Doritos Burgers | heatherlikesfood.com

Pepper Jack Stuffed Doritos Burgers

Let's start our Monday out right, shall we? Whaddaya say we crush up a bunch of nacho cheese doritos, mix them into burgers and stuff each one with a pile of pepper jack cheese that turns into a molten volcano of goodness? I think YES. I was listening to the radio the other day and one of the ... read more

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