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Creamy Slow-Cooker Tortellini Soup

If your house is anything like mine, week nights have the tendency to get a little crazy every now and again. With only one in school so far, I thought I still had some time before turning into a¬†chauffeuring, car-snack-wielding, off-the-gymnastics-floor-toddler-chasing, multiple-pony-tail-making, “Did you do your homework while you waited?” mom. But, it’s happened. When  Continue Reading »

Hearty Cheese Potato Soup

Well, hello strangers. Apparently I fall off the face of the blogging earth when I have a catering job. I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I’ve been on, kinda. I volunteered to head up a brunch for about 50 people over the weekend at my church and I’ve been running around like  Continue Reading »

Saucy Slow-Cooker BBQ Beef Sandwiches and a GIVEAWAY{giveaway closed}!

**Congratulations to Hans who won the Alexia tastemaker kit! Thanks for entering!** I’m kind of a sucker for onion rings–breaded, beer battered, ranch-dunked, or sandwich-nestled–I just love them. My favorite part might be how they require an eating strategy as to not let the inner onion slide out of the breading. Only highly skilled ring  Continue Reading »

Crock-Pot Hawaiian Chicken Chili

  I mentioned last week that I noticed some major love for crock pot roasts when I asked what your favorite crock-pot meal was, but I didn’t tell you about the other thing that I learned while reading your responses. Ranked just below roast beef, chili took a close second when it came to your  Continue Reading »

Crock-Pot Rancher’s Roast Beef

Last week during the Ninja Cooking System giveaway I asked what your favorite meal to make in the crock pot was and of all the 700+ comments, roast beef won hands down! Looks like ya’ll dig yourself some slow-cooked beef goodness! So yes, I thought I’d come to you today with another roast beef recipe  Continue Reading »