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Asian Pear Fried Rice

    People often ask me what my favorite quick meals are and one dish that always makes the cut is fried rice. I love that I can take the left-over rice in my fridge and turn it into something hot, flavorful, and filling in under 10 minutes.

Easy French Dip Sandwiches

    Do you ever have your mom come for a visit and get so caught up in the fun you’re having that you forget that the world hasn’t stopped turning and you still need to blog? I do. I blame the Olympics. And ice cream. And mom (love you!). It’s been fun to watch  Continue Reading »

Quinoa Apple Salad

Do you feel like being healthy today? Does quinoa scare you? I admit, it does look a little alien if you look closely at it with the little tails and all, but don’t let it cause you stress. It’s just a seed. A small delicious seed that packs a huge nutritious punch. Think of it  Continue Reading »

Sweet Onion Dip

No more dip mix.