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Zuppa Toscana

I’m kind of a soup freak. I think I’ve already established this fact here on this little blog o’ mine, but for the record– soup freak.

Salted Caramel Pretzel Chocolate Cake

Friday nights are usually family movie night in our home. We cuddle up in the couch, pop popcorn, and watch a fun movie together while indulging in some treat we baked up after school. A few weeks back we had a Friday that just needed to be a cake day– a chocolate cake day. Ever have  Continue Reading »

How To Cook Perfect Oven Bacon

It’s amazing to me how bacon has become a figure in pop culture. Who would have thought that a pork product would have such a following let alone a statue erected in it’s honor at a university (that’s for real, guys)! Not to mention all the bacon flavored/scented swag there is to be had. Bacon gum  Continue Reading »

Layered Jello Squares, Valentine’s Day Style

My mom is the queen of Jello. If it jiggles, is molded, or layered she’s probably made it, though she never jumped on the grated carrot or raisin train and for that, I am grateful.  I’m sure I’ll hear it for outing her like this, but it had to be said. It was never a  Continue Reading »

Cheese Fondue Is For Lovers

The top 4 reasons why, I Heather, absolutely love Valentines Day. The Colors Pink and Red and Glitter  I LOVE me some glitter and when it’s paired with pinks and reds I’m pretty much in crafter’s heaven. Valentines gives me the perfect excuse to break out the glitter, make my house look super girly, and  Continue Reading »