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Sugar Crusted Banana Bread

I always know it’s time to make banana bread when my toes start getting attacked by frozen bananas. It usually begins with just one delinquent banana that’s made its way off of the freezer door shelf but slowly escalates as more bananas go south and end up gracing the racks of my freezer.

Honey Candied Almonds

  Remember when those booths that sold cinnamon almonds were all over the place? I specifically remember a booth at the San Fransisco airport when I was 14 and flying by myself  from Oregon to Salt Lake City  to visit a friend. Those cinnamon almonds tasted soo good and I secretly felt really cool when  Continue Reading »

{2 minute} Coffee Cake in a Mug

By now we all know that I like food, but what I haven’t told you is that I’m not a huge chocolate fan. Gasp! I like chocolate, I really do, and while I think that chocolate milkshakes and Reese’s peanut butter cups are from the gods, I just can’t handle a lot of it. Dark chocolate? No thanks.  Continue Reading »